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Articles by Fr. Ihor Kutash

The Glorious Beauty of the Liturgical Calendar

Orthodox Christianity joyously proclaims that with God's entry into the space time continuum through the Incarnation of the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity, God the Son, true God of true God, time itself has been forever changed. The time before the Incarnation was the time of awaiting the Messiah and the time since then has become the time of the Messiah, the time of our salvation and the transformation of the cosmos into the manifest Kingdom of God which shall continue "unto ages of ages", in other words, forever. The Church, the Body of Christ, lives in this time. It does so especially by celebrating the hours, the days, the weeks, the months and the years of space time through the Church Calendar. In this section I intend to reflect upon the beauty of this Calendar by which the people of the Lord share and grow in the Life He has so graciously and abundantly shared with us.

Great Fast

Icons of the Mother of God

Often the Church Calendar besides the names of the Saints lists also Holy Icons, especially those of the Mother of God. The Orthodox Church has a special reverence for Icons for our Church experienced a most trying time of persecution of iconodules (those who venerated Icons) in the age of iconoclasm which lasted from 725 to 842. The veneration of Icons was confirmed in the Orthodox Church based on its teaching on the Incarnation of the Son of God, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Radiant Beauty of the Saints

Fr. Anthony Coniaris has written: "...[W]hen a saint gets to heaven, he will be surprised by three things. First, he will be surprised to see many he did not think would be there. Second, he will be surprised that some are not there whom he expected to see. Third, he will be surprised that he himself is there." The veneration of Saints and prayerful requests for their help in our daily walk are essential components of Orthodox Christian spirituality. The following meditations are gleaned and edited from various published sources and passed through the filter of this sinner's personal experience and pastoral work. He offers them for the encouragement and edification of fellow-sojourners on the way to the Kingdom - which has already manifested through these glorified Brothers and Sisters of ours and which is yet to come.


Euro Maidan


Great Lent

Remembrance Day