Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Mission Pamphlets

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Great Vespers: Evening Worship

The Commitment to Excellence

The Mother of God and the Dignity of Women

Why Do People Come to Church?

The Myth of Maintenance

What does "Ukrainian" have to do with "Orthodox"?

Orthodoxy 101: Some basic facts about the Orthodox Church

Prayer: the Cornerstone of Orthodox Christian Spirituality

The Symbolism of the Baptismal Rites

The Meaning of the Funeral Rites of the Orthodox Church

What is the Divine Liturgy

The Symbolism of the Marriage Service

Preparing for the Holy Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation

Angels - The Eastern Orthodox Teaching on the "Bodiless Powers"

I'm Not Ukrainian... What Does this Church Offer Me?

Success secrets of growing parishes: Life-giving Worship

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada - A Brief History

Monasticism Pamphlets

Про Монашество (Ukrainian PDF)

On Monasticsm (English PDF)

Монашество – досконалий шлях служіння Богові, Oбоження. (Ukrainian PDF)

Monasticism – the perfect path to serving God and Theosis. (English PDF)

Монашество – Сучасній світ і монастирі (Ukrainian PDF)

Monasticism - Modern World and Monasteries (English PDF)

Монашество – Історія та сучасний день монашества (Ukrainian PDF)

Monasticism - Historical and Present Day (English PDF)